Victor William Butchin 2018

OBITUARY Victor William Butchin February 7, 1928 – August 27, 2018 Victor William Butchin was born on February 7, 1928 and passed away on August 27, 2018 Send Flowers Show Your Support Share Obituary share to facebook share by email share link Receive Notifications

Our most sincere sympathies to the family and friends of Victor William Butchin 2018.

Cotten Funeral Home

Death notice for the town of: new-bern, state: Massachusetts

death notice Victor William Butchin 2018

obituary notice Victor William Butchin 2018

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  1. Dear Ceil, If their was away to take your heartbreak away I would certaintly do so. Dad, was blessed to have you as well you too have my dad. He loved you with all he had. To your entire family I’m sorry for your loss yet, I need to say thank you for loving my dad. Aunt Erma, Uncle Bob, As daddy’s number one & only sister their are no words for your sorrow filled with tears. Daddy, loved you both so very much. From your great laugh to Uncle Bob’s jokes and dry sence of humor. To Alissa, Lon, dad loved you both from Alissia’s carrot cake to Lon telling jokes filled with laughter. My brother Alan, although a life well lived my you have daddy’s dry sence of humor and his handsome looks. Daddy, was so proud of you, grandson Dylan, Gab, Stephanie, daughter inlaw. To my sister Judy, dad and I would laugh the olden golden times of how you used orange juice cans to set your hair to have that perfect look within your beautiful dark hair. Yes, you made all laugh as you also have daddy’s sence of humor. Dad, was so proud of you, grandson Brad, son inlaw John.
    My sister Jean, know this daddy loved equally not one over the other. I know he loved you as well his grandchildren Michele, Shari, and within his heart filled with gold yes he loved his great grandchildren in silence that was daddys way. To end as your daughter who you named Andrea lyn. It was and honor a blessing to have you for whom I called Dad, Daddy, Da Da,! As we laughed while on the phone and upon hanging up it was you who would say ok on the count of three & we would start laughing all over again with Love you lots, & me no I Love you lots, of course it was on 1.2.3. ok Myrtle & you Da Da got the last one in. Dad, you were endearing sweet kind & you showed that one could rise up to any challange & you did. So as I reflect with tears heartbreak of my own trying to see how or where too put all my grief, what is helping knowing God took our dad directly into Heaven. I say Sweet Dreams Daddy & we will all see each other again! A LOVING HUSBAND, DAD, BROTHER, BROTHER INLAW, UNCLE, GRANDFATHER GREAT GRANDFATHER. A LIFE WELL LIVED!!! Love you, lots lots & more. Your loving daughter Andrea Lyn Butchin! Wrote: 09/20/2018

    • “Happy Fathers Day” Dad, everyday is and always will be Fathers Day having you as our dad a blessing from above. I couldn’t write dad until now although I tried as their were many tears of my own grief trying so to understand if you were sick, pain, which continues to hurt my heart soul living still in the unknown. Yes, many would say why would I need to know? My answer too all knowing is better then knowing nothing at all also, so to help me with a grieving process I have not been able todo. Dad, you know me I’m not one to forget that has never been the way of my heart. As your daughter I continue to pray for Ceil not only as your best friend and loving wife, how difficult missing first Thanksgiving Christmas New Year Birthday without you. I have written to Ceil yet to date have not been able to put and end I cry then put aside for a while. I tried to finish so to send for Ceil’s own Birthday yet failed again. One thing I do know how you have watched me try so to write over and over as I speak with you every minute of my day into night alongside of your picture framed by my side. I have no regret dad when it comes to both my decision was a sound one to protect and I did just that. At times I ask in the here and now at a young age of #17 maybe I shouldn’t have. Parents are to protect their children however, being young one grows scared doesn’t know what todo within a terrible situation. I asked a professional my question was should I have done so? His answer was no since I had done so my entire life what purpose would it serve now and I agreed. To end oppose to listening and hearing from two it would have been conducive for both to have heard my voice not too silence it. So, in lieu the “Love” I have for you dad is strong far wide and it always will be no one person will ever take that away from me! I love you dad, daddy, dada. Your loving Daughter, Andrea L. Butchin.

  2. ” Time ” l didn’t know if their would be anything within my broken heart where upon l could write a single word without breaking down. Our dad has been away from our sight a mere five months and eleven days, yet it feels as though a lifetime for me. l look outside in the dark of night looking for a horizon to view a shadow of my loving sweet dad. As I stand with eyes shut tight their is dads smile, laugh, and I cry then I speak. I can hear my dad with his dry sense of humor and feel the warmth of his hug and kisses in kind. As his daughter I stand every minute hour, day after day trying to find some closure yet it’s completely unknown as my own spirit, soul, has gone with you.
    I tried so hard dad too write as your Birthday was a hour ago yet I couldn’t see through my own tears for us. I have prayed for those who did not rise and allowed me to continue to let me stand in the unknown so to mourn. I love you so lots,, lots ,lots ,and more. I will adore you until my time! Love you, Always and more dad. Your loving daughter, Andrea Lyn Butchin” Happy Birthday” Da Da….

  3. “Spring” Dad, I have tried so hard to move on so too griev and know matter how hard nothing mere shy of tears. I hear your voice as though we spoke yesterday, with your funny laugh and a beautiful sense of humor. You and I on the phone speaking of flowers in bloom or me telling you, gee dad I didn’t think what I planted a year ago would have sprung. We would laugh as you told me myrtle just say a prayer over them! My answer da da they need more then prayers and we giggled all over again. Dad, those sweet simple talks so worth their weight in gold yet I’m left standing still to wonder on how to morn and grief. I have missed you for so long, in the here and now it breaks my heart every moment of my God given day! I love you so dad with all I have within my heart, and you will hear me all day into night.I will never stop nor stay slient as I know your in Heaven hearing your loving daughters voice. I love you da da, lots lots & more!! Love you, Always & Forever. Andrea, your loving daughter. 4/03/19 8:26 PM

  4. Dad, it’s me myrtle haven’t been able to sleep 5:40am I know you can see me since all I do is speak too you and with your handsome picture in hand. Dad, some people have told me write for as long as it helps with griefing no it doesn’t I cry everyday over you.
    I don’t know what is going on dad, try so hard to end Ceil’s letter and can’t as though if I do then all is final for me that is all i can up with as to why. I still wonder if you ever read my “Love letter” for you on your #90th Birthday also, all the beauty I wrote too both of you it haunts my inner soul not knowing. Dad, i need to tell you some things although I’ve spoken through God for you. I lived a pretend life it was incidsides for me but, I was scared confused and at #17 one didn’t know how to handle so I allowed all too stay within. Their were only two who knew Gary, Jean, but I couldn’t get all of it out even to my own loving sister yet I was blessed to have her as I felt protected. Dad, I’m apart of the me too movement yes he did it too me! On three occasions and almost a forth however their was noway I had a piece of wood and he walked out. I grabbed as many clothes ran to jean. I lived between Jean and Gary, until Alan came back from college my mindset was if he tried todo it again Alan would know and Pandora’s Box would be opened! I wanted to tell you a trillion times but, my mind went back to how awful it was for you, Alan, me, and our family after she left so I went into protective mode pushing all deep within my soul. I tried to get out dad, this went on for years I almost made it in 05 but, once again it failed. You, alway’s asked me why fifthteen years with Gary well he knew and was a protector for me. I had too protect your mind from all dad, I didn’t know what all would have done too you also if my friends found out I was young. When Alan, did come back and Dinners with all yes, I came out so to eat however once all would leave back into my room . I thanked God for my friends as they kept my mind busy away from thinking of ugly all day into night! Dad, you asked why all my graduations? As for 9th a few of my friends were not going and so many were I wanted too go but, protective mode once again to put you with mom and family so I made a decision not to cried over it figured this was my new life. Then on to Northeast going into 11th a strike alot of my friends were going to a school owned by my algebra teacher Harold Nerenberg, at a 100 00 a course I called mom and she went to meet with the school. I went there it was up the block from Northeast so small only three floors yet, class size was fifthteen so it was conducive so to learn oppose to thirty in a class. As of when both came in i was not good and if i would have seen you both your long weekend would have been ruined i couldn’t do that to you nor Ceil, no regret I protected a dad I loved so much and yes would do all over again yet, I sobbed you just didn’t know! In 2013 no dad I didn’t do intentionally however, as it turned out I was finely able to work on all that sat within myself from age #17 one has too learn how to deal with what I had endured as I’ve been told no you never get over being a me too girl rather how to move forward. I’m so sad you were told that init self took me back miles for both of you I’m so sorry. Dad, you now know some of what took place although I have been speaking with you in Heaven. In closing I learned if I were too sponsor as you had done over many years, I would state to tell their. Story it isn’t a fault of your own and their is help! My biggest mistake was coming back into a poor situation and that is my regret! I love you so much dad, your such a great man. Love always, dad daddy da da. Your loving daughter, Andrea L. Butchin

  5. Hi Da Da, I finished my letter to Ceil last night with many tears. I know you had to have helped me or could’nt do alone. I’m having such a hard time too me your still here what helps is speaking with you and being able to write as I have been doing. Although, leaving messages may cease which will break my spirit soul more then it already is. I can only hope pray my cards find Ceil I don’t know if she moved.since you left us.i tried to write all in the correct fashion for a better understanding as I have spoken with you in Heaven. I miss everyone dad it’s and awful feeling of constant loneliness yet all is broken. I love you dad so much it hurts it always did. I know life goes on and suppose to get easy with time maybe, I’m just not that type of person I don’t know. When I’m busy during my day their you are at night I talk away too you so, it must be me! I love you dad, love you lots lots & more! Your loving daughter, Andrea L. Butchin Xoxo

  6. Dad, I’m having such a difficult time with everything at night I sit to cry as I speak with you. I pray for answers to come my way it’s awful. Feeling alone yet the loneliness is a silent killer. I miss everyone dad although now broken but, I continue to pray for all too work so tobe ok. I sit alone in the dark of night asking myself how did I ever get here. Dad, I know you have watched over me with pen and pad at hand writing all my pros cons within our family unit we all made mistakes but my cons on the page are not any more then their own. I love everyone it hurts to no avail yet, I have noway of fixing all. I slip slide fall know matter what I do or try to say it goes on deaf ears. I’m proud of all three dad, why wouldn’t I be and yes I know just because I love doesn’t mean they have too love me back nor care. I think of Ceil everyday and Aunt Erma Uncle Bob I pray for their health, love, as I do for Jeannie Judy Alan. What helps me laugh is going back to many, many, years ago remember Judy, running and beating up guy’s that passed by as they said words too Alan & she broke one of the kids glasses he was in tears.Jeannie forget her she can’t fight and a car filled with guys driving by yelling out to Judy, hey do you need any help? Judy, screams do I look like I do she broke all her nails & tore her stockings no shoes “Fiesty’ little thing she was. And Jeannie, the nut she went out with who painted clown pictures or whatever they were hanging over her bed whoops, until a number was seen! And all four were paint by numbers boy was she mad that did him in bye bye, never too be seen again! Alan, you get his rupp mini bike together which I thought you were going to break on your own but you did it. Alan, speeds down the driveway WAM into side of the ogers car not bad however you had it out with her as she was screaming. You, ran back up with car wax & little scratch gone but you called her a sick Moran & Alan rode in penny park on the trails with hills! So, that helps me dad even Uncle Bob’s, famous joke Wood Eye oh my we all had tears of laughter & Aunt Erma’s infectious laugh! But, then I digress back to tears wondering how on earth my life ever got here. Your own words too me echo each & everyday, yes never to late but for me now yes a fault of my own I should have stepped forward years ago so for help. No pity dad, I’m just continuing with prayer! I love you so much dad for now & forever so as I pray for you & all please pray for me! Love you, always lots lots & more. Your loving daughter, Andrea L.Butchin P.S. Your famous words too me, Beeess a good girl! I will dad….I will Xoxo

  7. Hi dad, it’s just me I sent the cards & letter I pray they find their way too Ceil
    & the letter for a better understanding. It was hard on my left I didn’t want to send, on the right Ceil deserved all the love, respect, I could give her from me. Yet, as I was stating too you scared left with tears that this page will cease & then what will I do. Writing to you helps me so you see from above my soul already crused will become worse. I know most must post to Facebook , Twitter, I only go on to see my friends not signed in. Their all doing great married, children I held as infants & watched grow tobe #7 to #8 are now two yrs older then Dylan. Joni, did well with Jeff who I fixed. her up with he sent her back to School for GED & she flunked that also that’s Joni! Renee, became Vice Princable of Baldi middle school how I don’t know Washinton fired her but, she got it together & her daughter Alyana is a Attorney. I miss them but, my life is no longer the same it’s awful we all had the same dream mine taken. I should have asked Alan, & told him all I know in my heart he would have helped me. Alan didn’t want to see me not to have a good life for myself. Far to late now dad only so much time on a clock! I wanted you too be proud of me , never to disappoint I’m sorry dad. I love you more then anyone & I’m so happy I told you as I looked into your eye’s at least I had my chance too tell you that if nothing else! Love you, always & more da da. Your loving daughter, Andrea L. Butchin

  8. “Dad” Their is know way to describe the emptiness I feel inside my heart. How many time’s have we all heard people say God I should have, or wish I did, yet all think well tomorrow but we all know tomorrow’s arn”t promised too anyone. If I new one thing for sure being your daughter I wasn’t giving up on my dad and I didn’t. I kept true to my faith so to honor moreover my love for you down to the depth of my soul. My tears far and wide yes, numb for both of us. Dad, I couldn’t have asked for a more endearing man such as you a blessing from above..I’m praying for Ceil, as well prayers for Alan Judy Jean Aunt Erma Uncle Bob. Of course grandchildren neices nephews. Dad, one can only hope my cards sent too Ceil found their way & she has company by her side. I’ve been crying so worn, tired, I’m losing my way. I love you so much dad more then the “Sun Moon Stars” Forever and a day!! Love you, lots lots lots & more. Your loving daughter, Andrea L. Butchin….Sweet Dreams da da Xoxo 12:46am

  9. Dad, it’s just me myrtle although I spoke with you all night & yes wrote too you. I needed to say it over I love you so much dad and no I’m never going to stop speaking with you. I ask the lord above for you too hear me & ask him to whisper into Ceil’s ear I love her, as well Alan Jean Judy Aunt Erma Uncle Bob & yes my cousins Alyssa Lon. My nephews, neices, great neices & nephews I have never met. I forgot to write although I sent my thoughts to Heaven for you to hear. Dad, I so pray I can open up one place for it tobe a multitude of of good works & deeds so too help people in need! “Addie Rose’s Place” I know you loved my dream although it maybe just that a dream. But, I’ve wanted todo this for so many years now so I’m hoping you will help me from above so to turn a dream into reality. Dad, as I told you three years ago as of August, I met beautiful people from the chapter of “Saint Vincent D’paul” Dan lorraine lisa. Dan, reminds me of you sweet endearing a mind filled with wealth so to help. Lorraine, dad she doesn’t quit at age #80 strong willed with great ideas hidden up her sleeve. Lisa, although young & I wish my youth was my own she is far beyond her age. She runs as though her husband a fireman & if she can find away so to help never too let one down!! The truth be told Dan, lorraine, have helped with love and yes funds so to help keep us safe & warm. Pat, Dan’s beautiful wife also runs to the Rescue when needed yet, when one leans to much their is associated guilt that sets within. They all have such beautiful families of their own & no were not tobe jealous but, I’m. A hard day for Ceil dad, for everyone. I’m alone with God, and my tears still in the unknown and awful day for me. So, as I sit in a valley of tears today & everyday I’m choosing too think of a rainbow with your smile dry sence of humor with the warmth of your hugs and your kisses in kind!! Dad, whisper into everyone’s ear I love them & always will. If i can’t write on this page dad, after today I will always have my pen pad at hand. I’m so broken dad, please pray for me as I pray for you!! My prayers of love too my family I love so much yet, lost forever & a day. I love you dad with all I have & all I’m! Love Always &:Forever, Da Da. Lots Lots Lots & more!! Your Loving Daughter, Andrea Lyn Butchin.

  10. Dad, I fell asleep at 12:00am but I never really sleep sound always thinking and then I’m up. I called Alan last night too let him know my thoughts, prayers, love, are with everyone especially Ceil. I know Aunt Erma, a rough time she loved you like no other yes we maynot all speak dad but my love for all is no less then it would be if we all were together as a family. I love them dad & miss everyone I always did and will. I so prayed to hear Alan’s voice I foolishly thought I may but, now I know my work ahead has now grown even harder for me so to lay at rest for both of us yet not without heartbreak filled with tears. I miss Judy as well shes my sister dad I dont understand their mindset with all of this so one tries to just live with broken very hard and very sad. I cant explain the feeling within empty I guess. I think of nanny more often then not why, it took over thirty years for her to speak with me never understood why she didn’t? I never questioned the whys nor why not’s nanny opened up her arms wide as did I. So, although time lost i had my grandmother back for almost five years the gain was worth everything and more. I’m going too sit wonder if Ceil’s cards ever found their way or no need to read a letter that took a year so too end for a better understanding! If my writing is slightly schetchy it’s my eye’s dad i have togo see Dr Allen Ho, a rentnia specialist another visual field test he couldn’t refract my eye’s. I stated your terrible problems & Aunt Erma also had a problem at one time so will see what happens. Dad, I love you so very much decided it’s ok for me too continue to miss you and to write. Were not all equal within our griefing process for me it’s that difficult! I’m so lost dad It’s as though i don’t excist yes father dearest I’m speaking with a professional. Writing helps me dad, know judgement from anyone right wrong indifferent. It’s now 6:00am I love you, da da please whisper the same into everyone’s ears I know they will hear you! Love you, Always & Forever lots lots & more. Dad, watch over Razzie until I come he’s my baby & I miss him everyday. Your Loving Daughter, Andrea Lyn Butchin Xoxoxo

  11. Dad, I’m so sorry once again no sleep. So many things I wanted to ask you and say, no not bad nor to upset rather guidence for myself. Although I speak with you day into night I so miss your voice it’s and awful feeling.Dad, you need to know when you & Ceil came in I didn’t come due too doing a loan modification, after waiting a year it was turned down! I had to file form all over again I was so stressed out. The women I worked along with hung in there she was determined so, I had to redo it. Also, at the same time his daughter was doing VA Benifits but, she stated he wouldn’t receive. I didn’t care nor did I want todo it. I found it odd but I had enough on my plate. Approxamently two weeks prior to you and Ceil, coming in he asked me todo it. I said no but he was horrible yelling, screaming, at mom so to protect her I said fine! As I looked over all of what his daughter Stacy did for VA, I was clearly shaken why? I noticed two different S.S numbers & a different name! I was summoned for and explanation which silenced me and yes mom also. He wanted me too swear on my family I would never say a word. No, I stated my family is a great one and we have Vets in our family. He was more A-Wall then In-Wall also, lied served one year. A story that was so out of the realm of my intellect went with two friends and held up a store yet, he had nothing todo with it. It grew worse he was taken back by the army and handed over to civilian police. I spoke with mom alone she stated now she could understand why he never would go into a S.S. office it made her sick. Then paperwork came and I opened he also, changed his name and served four and a half years in a prison state of Georgia. I showed mom first once again he tried to explain away but, couldn’t do it! I put my foot down & stated I could not continue on with all the paperwork. He grew angry with mom, me, making our lives miserable so, to protect her I did. I started too grow anxious, agitated, so the years of what he did to me surfaced while I tried to push back down within nothing worked it grew worse. I had tried to tell Judy, she didn’t believe me she stated VA wouldn’t send paperwork such as that! He was so unintelligent he signed paperwork so to fight what he stated he didn’t do in Virginia. So, that was the reason behind the paperwork. When I viewed all and the name change done illegally I was sick as was mom. We confronted him he came at both of us dad, it was ugly. So, now I was doing both modification and a convicted felon for VA he didn’t deserve! I couldn’t come too you nor Ceil with all I had to protect both of you. Mom, tried to get away from him constant abuse she put a great front on for all a sad life. In lieu now you both know why I couldn’t meet with you it was best kept far away from both of you & I don’t regret my decision! Although, I spoke with you in “Heaven” on all I know there your mind is protected yet it helps to write the truth. I’m sorry dad and also too Ceil, I cried over not seeing you that init self broke me more then I could explain. I lost both in life due to all of what was going on it haunted my inner soul and always will. I love you dad as well Ceil, I did what was right & just so not to upset! Dad, you didn’t deserve ugly not you your to sweet endearing of a man and of truth. I question myself more then one knows if I would have conversed with Alan, could he have or would have tried to help within a poor situation so to find away out for me and mom? I have know answer for that! I love you dad, their are not enough words to express how much I do. I know one thing I’m truely blessed too have you as my dad and proud to carry the Butchin name. ‘A true Blessing to have so too hold. Love you alway’s, da da. Your Loving Daughter, Andrea Lyn Butchin P.S. Dad, please keep whispering in everyone’s ears I love them with all my heart.

  12. Dad, it’s just me myrtle 6:00am I don’t know why I can’t sleep only a few hours then up speaking with you & I start to write. Continues thoughts stirring within my head and I wake. Dad, I just asked you all of what I’m writing so maybe it will help to write. As I told you a priest Father Kennedy, came yesterday to speak with mom I feel he over reached. Meaning, he was speaking of family & he went off with stating too mom look at you #901/2 and your very sick know need to cry over your children nor worry about them. I stated their her children she is always going to love them and if needed cry! Then he continued with well their not your siblings anymore either, I said yes they are I love them my brother will forever be just that as well my sisters! His follow up was really no where are they? They haven’t been for what over #20 to #30yrs let them go. I stated Alan has his own and Jean, Judy, really and what you may see one when mom is no longer here. I was so upset I cried at the park when I went too walk Mattie. It was banter back & forth on family to a point it pushed me back miles also, for mom. He’s a pastor where St.Vincent D’Paul’s chapter is & our friends who have provided help with kind, love, support. I know it maybe broken however it was like throwing salt on and open wumb that will never heal. I was clearly shaken by all he was stating, one doesn’t stop loving nor care & especially for a mother who is and elder and yes very sick. I don’t know but, it was like a punch in ones stomach mom was crying she said I don’t like him! Strange, then he stated they don’t care about you meaning mom’s #90th Birthday. Enough about that the storm may hit Carolinas, & Florida is in for it I’m praying if goes out to sea. The poor farmers have had such a rough time of it. I’m and MSNBC junkie, I love Rachel Maddow she brings her own flare too and already messed up administration within the White House, it’s like watching a bad movie yet she is funny. I love you dad so much & I’m never going too stop loving my family even if were apart never. That’s who I’m & my heart so, I love from afar with care I’m ok with that as I have to live with me. My eye’s are really growing worse I can’t wait to go for visual field test. I love you da da yes, I’m being a good girl or as you would say beeess a good girl & we would laugh! Love you, lots lots & more. Your Loving Daughter, Andrea Lyn Butchin

  13. Hi dad, it’s just me I decided I have a clear cut problem of insomnia. I sleep two hours then up all night, day, I’m so tired yet can’t sleep it’s awful. I was praying & hoping against all hope that Ceil’s cards may have found their way along with a letter for a better understanding that took me a year too write. But, one may pray hope away their lives yet then you come to realize it was just unrealistic hope I tried dad. I look everyday for a response or even a call so to hear her voice it’s never going to happen for me so, I flawlessly failed once again. I’m praying the storm comes to a calm for all and goes out sea. I just wanted too tell you, I love you dad with all I have theirs a candle shining brightly for you & for our entire family! I love you dad forever & always. Lots Lots & more your Loving Daughter, Andrea Lyn Butchin! I’m leaving in five minutes for church my prayers always for all with my love. Xoxo

  14. ” Hurricane” 2018. Dad, I’ve been up yet once again now 6:00am I’m going to speak with my Dr as to why I fall asleep by midnight only too wake 4:00am. I know I’m thinking when I do fall asleep not at peace my mind does’nt seem to turn off it’s awful. Dad, as I was sleeping the hurricane was as clear of one year ago! I was watching the Weather channel 2018 hurricane last year, I know you both know what too do as we always had discussed those types of things. This time was different as you taught me all about the rivers. I sat up half the night watching Nc under water so, I said ok that does it I needed too know both were ok with all the devistation I was watching! So, I called Angie answered she is so sweet as she was when I met her at Mrs.Retzkos. I asked how you both were shocked to hear her voice & asked if evacuation implemented? Angie, very meek yet so sweet stated no sweetie were fine & then said Ceil is here the phone was then handed over. I never had a chance something inside all day into night. I then called at 11:00pm. & asked Lisa to please google your name as I took after you meaning you had known when something happen or even prior too it happening. Although, you would say oh myrtle just go with it no no no and I remember that as though it were today to yesterday. But, I sat rocked holding my head saying no dad no it was as though you were speaking with me & I swear I could hear your voice it shook me to no avail. Lisa, looked it up & silence I said Lis please tell me by this time it was of midnight. Lisa, read too me by phone she tried to calm but I couldn’t speak I hung up. I sat alone rocking back forth, ripping at my hair holding my head for way over and hour! I then ran into mom hysterical crying up for nights on end & she took me too my Dr, so to put me on medication so to calm. Yet, nothing worked or I didn’t work with it. No call from Alan why just allow me to mentally brake? And here I’m still in the unknown as to why it made no sense too me & never will! I came to see both everytime you both came in having missed what three times twice as I was in the Hospital & when I was in the middle of losing Addie, which I made a beautiful basket & drove it over. I took your advise as well Ceil’s don’t let Razz suffer & cremate so he would be with me & I did just that my heart was broken over Adds! However, it was a comfort having Razz with me & you were both right. So, now you know how I found out & the suffering I still go through each and every day. But, it helps me to write also to speak with you all day into night if not I would be gone dad! Not angry, anger doesn’t get a person anywhere in life hurt clearly divastated still waiting for a voice as though hoping for a present you so wanted from Santa Clause. Mom, has Cancer of her pelvis & many new problems that came her way she is dieing dad only palliative care, medication. She gets confused cries, very difficult each & everyday. I’m praying the Hurricane of 2019 goes out too sea so, not to cause any harm. I’m watching the weather channel now it’s 8:15am their showing Carolininas suppose to get high force winds, most on Coastal side. My prayers are with all in the eye of the storm! I love you da da so very much it pains me but, it always will. Love you always daddy, Your Loving Daughter Andrea Lyn Butchin! Xoxoxo

  15. Dad, once again up at 4:00am & now it’s 5:34am I’m definitely a insomniac I will be seeing my Dr today. I don’t sleep my mind is on overload thinking it’s just awful. I’m watching my favorite MSNBC & the Hurrican, moving so slow of course Trump and his abitural tweets on on on! I know he has his fan base but, I’m sorry it’s as though he never sleeps also, on the golf course during a Hurricane & people losing life homes etc. I’m not doing well dad I’m growing so tired, worn, with continues worrieing and I feel so alone not a nice feeling one just get’s to a point where they feel what’s the sense of being here & for what? So, yes I’m at that point unfortunate sad but true. I know everyone chooses their path in life dad, I didn’t choose this I didn’t have anyone step up too the home plate so to help. It’s like trying to win a baseball game on your own! I couldn’t do all alone & felt all three should have helped meaning all get acculated too moms Dr’s in Philly, and I would have always been able to take a leave so to go out too Ckeveland. I had three great bosses all mangement were able to do that. I made great money, had health dental pension plan life insurance & one has too work. I feel as though the chosen one so, yes I’m devastated left standing alone what on Gods earth was Alan Jeannie Judy thinking? In my view it was no big deal for all four of us to help in lieu of her health. I don’t know it must be me I think differently then they do but, they couldn’t be that unintelligent! Also, when asked all had a ridiculas excuse with I can’t for one reason or another how could all feel a person can give up their job so tobe left empty handed? Yes, that made me angry you have no idea & I’m still angry. Anyway, I will for as long as my body allows but so exhausted getting to a point I don’t care anymore my body brain needs a rest and peace. Hurricane is stationary watching Morning Joe, l never saw a hurricane this slow. Thank you, dad for listening I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t write. I love you so very much & yes using your words Beesss a good girl! I’m trying da da I’m trying….Love you, always & more. Xoxoxo Your Loving Daughter, Andrea Lyn Butchin 7:21am

  16. Dad, I’m watching the weather channel a great reporter in New Bern it’s beautiful there. He is outside of a restaurant that just finished rebuilding from florance. They spoke about the difference between Mathew, Florance, Dorian. I’m praying for all who endured so much a year ago & their loss. Dad, whisper in Ceil’s ear I pray she is safe sound with my love. I love you dad, always & more! Your Loving Daughter, Andrea Lyn Butchin 9:55pm Da Da Sweet Dreams Xoxo

  17. Dad, it’s just me myrtle I’m watching the weather channel I’ve never seen a storm so slow. Praying it moves in & get’s out at this point, ahh sweet Trump just approved relief for NC. Nice he did something sorry dad, I had too change party lines viewing children in cages made my stomach ache with pain. Bahamas, my lord it’s desimated it takes your breath away & leaves one heartbroken. My prayers for everyone with hope they will have fund raising for aid as they will need for families. I love you da da, I’m praying for Ceil Alan Steph too stay safe. Dad, I pray for you so please pray for me from Heaven! Love you, lots lots & more. Your loving Daughter, Andrea Lyn Butchin 7:37pm

  18. Dad, it’s me myrtle I’ve been watching the weather channel all night since Hurricane Dorian came barreling in. It is just gut wrenching to see the Bahamas and the tears of those who have lost love one’s first & foremost, trying to find family missing if watching that doesn’t make a person pray & feel their pain I don’t know what will. Well, she is in NC so now we just sit watch pray. Myrtle Beach SC it did a number but they faired pretty well under the circumstances. I’ve been everywhere with this Hurricane, then I change channel to my MSNBC to watch what trump is or isn’t doing. I just shake my head however I wonder if he ever sleeps or if he just eats so too tweet.I don’t know dad I think he’s mental. N Carolina braces for direct hit now my lord let Dorian go out to sea I’m praying for everyone. Dad, tell Ceil Alan Steph I’m praying for them tobe safe sound with love! I love you da da, lots lots & more always & forever…Xoxoxo Your Loving Daughter, Andrea Lyn Butchin 11:17pm

  19. Hi da da, just me your daughter I called two different emergency centers to make sure Ceil Alan Steph were ok. I spoke with two lovely gentlemen one from New York, he just moved to Ocesn Isle a year ago funny within such terrible scary circumstances people were so nice. I then called to check up on Ceil, and the sweetest women was from Lancaster Pa so she said may I ask you a question? I said of course you may her name was Eileen she said are you from Phildelphia I laughed & stated yes, she laughed & said I new it you have a Philly accent. Eileen, has been in New Bern six years we spoke for 15 to 20minutes. I said to myself no wonder everyone is moving out of Philly really sweet! Ceil, still had wind & outages she told me different locations & sent me a picture too my cell phone. Her family is still here & some moved to Virginia, also Eileen is and EMS on weekends. It was much better then the weather channel dad & I felt better knowing Ceil, Alan, Steph, were safe sound. But, Bahamas it’s painstaking to watch you can’t help but shed a tear or two three. Dad, I miss you so much no words except I love you more then anything and i always did will. Love Always, da da! Your Loving Daughter, Andrea Lyn Butchin 9:28pm

  20. Dad, it’s me myrtle I’m not understanding when I spoke with Chad from Ocean Isle we were on 20min speaking about Hurricane New York why he moved etc. Chad, from emergency center lives five blocks from Alan Steph he stated Brunswick County was fine. However, I’m watching weather channel & it showed Brunswick it looked a mess! He was so sweet a gift of gab stating why he moved how much cheaper it was verses New York, nicer more laid back. Maybe, it happened after I spoke with him he stated Hurricane was over & they surveyed the area no major reported nor seen. I don’t know I may have seen Costal but it appeared inland . I’m just happy it’s over in NC, although now Dorian left after effects for rain wind all the way here. Dad, I’m happy I can write you although I speak with you through God. I’m having such a difficult time sleeping, eating, it’s awful she isn’t well & growing worse directly in front of me day into night. One never knows what the day will bring I’m trying the best one can however, my body is exhausted & yes scared it’s a terrible feeling of mere lonely know one to speak with I cry at night & at the park when I walk Mattie. The park is a refuge for my mind so to clear, I speak with you & razz it’s as though I can see Adds hopping like a bunny as he did with golf balls galore. Addie, loved too play Mattie is different he likes plastic why I have no idea. A dog just what she needed but dad, he is funny & loves people the park is his favorite place the girls who play volley ball & their coach call Mattie their mascot. He has a heart murmur & trouble with his trachea on cardiac medication but, he loves to run. I went to my Dr, yesterday to talk he stated my weight is to low & list went on. She had togo having issues crying off on, not sleeping, anxious, going back into time. The Dr, brought me back in so too discuss he is calling her Dr’s Monday. Going away from that Serena William’s looking too make history I hope she wins. Dad, when I write it states a different date example today the 7th yet it will say the 8th & time is wrong also! It’s now 8:22am & I started writing at 6:35am strange. I’m so happy Ceil, Alan, Steph, are safe the beautiful people of the Bahamas they need everything my heart bleeds for them. They are asking for donations of clothing, blankets, etc. She has clothes way too big only 80Lb so, I started to pack up have two boxes so far. Theirs a drop off at Red Cross in Center City, i have to take her to Oncologist Friday 13th so will drop off. Dad, Ceil never read the cards or they didn’t find there way too her although i have prayed & continue todo i was hoping against all hope maybe she would write back. I know dad, I’m not considered family too anyone it’s broken yet I continue to try foolish little girl I’m! So, I love within my heart from afar with hope against all hope. I Love You Da Da, so Much and More Forever & Always,! Your Loving Daughter, Andrea Lyn Butchin Xoxoxo 8:55am 9/07/2019

  21. Dad, I wrote since 6:30am on Hurricane Ceil Alan Steph. The people I spoke with down there weather channel, Serena Willians hoping to make history, myself & not doing well. Hoping against all hope Ceil, would have written although I know I’m not family too anyone. How I did two boxes for the beautiful people in the Bahamas. And it flew away I’m sorry dad I wrote from my heart! I Love You Da Da, Always & Forever! Your Loving Daughter, Andrea Lyn Butchin Xoxoxo P.S. I guess I’m in for another sad day since all I wrote went poof! 9:15am 09/07/2019 I love you so much dad…

  22. “Dad” it’s now 6:30am I’m so sorry when I wrote had mom’s name in my phone how on earth her name appeared I have know idea i just viewed & a gasp. I thought it didn’t go through i will try and have them remove! I’m really going through a difficult time, I can’t sleep two hours at best & I’m always on the run or on phone taking care of one thing or another. She is dieing directly in front of my eye’s now far and few with good day’s so no rest for me. Everyone, must Facebook or Tweet their’s nothing on this site so I doubt anyone reads. Dad, I will call to see if they can take her name off I’m so upset over this! Bahamas, one only wants too cry & Hurricane hit everyone with destruction all over the place. My heart feels lighter knowing Ceil, Alan, Steph, are all safe sound. I Love You Dad, as I was at the park looking up too the beautiful trees their you were & Addie also I just looked far out & up to the sky with tears. Just talking away to you & the Addie Boy, as you called him. I miss him so much he would gather every golf ball my little Razz a Dazz & he loved his Pop Pop I’m happy you & his Grandmom Ceil, had have all those pictures of him! I should have made copies and I didn’t for myself have some but, sent too you both. I Love You Da Da, Always & Forever & a Day…Xoxoxo Beeess a Good Boy & I will Beeess a Good Girl! Your Loving Daughter, Andrea Lyn Butchin 7:27am 09/08/19

  23. Dad, just a test it doesn’t allow me to finish nor to send. Their site needs tech support. you for ever and a day! Your Loving Daughter Andrea L. Butchin..ok let’s see what happens

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